Sugou kept Asuna prisoner towards the top of the nation Tree within the ALfheim and perform intimately harass her

Sugou kept Asuna prisoner towards the top of the nation Tree within the ALfheim and perform intimately harass her

not, much in order to Kirito’s shock, the guy and Asuna failed to in fact perish, understanding they only died regarding game, but not from inside the real life. Kirito plus most most other SAO survivors was awakened and you will was basically modifying lifestyle back to the real world, however, Kirito receive far so you’re able to their heartbreak one Asuna and you will three hundred participants got yet in order to awaken even after Sword Ways On the internet being eliminated. Kirito is devastated to know from Asuna’s predicament and you may upset the guy would not find a way to assist their. Even after this lady problem, Kirito nevertheless kept guarantee in the center she would for some reason aftermath up, usually seeing Asuna on hospital, carrying her hands to own service. Although not, Kirito involved get the full story incredible information, understanding two months afterwards after conquering SAO that Asuna’s moms and dads had currently build for her to help you wed Sugou Nobuyuki Sugou rapidly revealed his correct character so you can Kirito, and which he plans to wed Asuna regarding adopting the day despite the fact the woman is still from inside the an effective coma.

Kirito turned into utterly heartbroken and you can arrived close to shedding done hope, watching the guy decided not to do anything to help and thought that he was it’s browsing eradicate Asuna to help you Sugou. Recognizing Suguha is right, Kirito regains guarantee that he and Asuna would be with her again and you may once, he in the future located more staggering development away from Agil, giving him fuzzy photo regarding a person which greatly is much like Asuna. Appointment Agil inside the real life, he says to Kirito one to Asuna could well be involved into the another digital world known as ALfheim On line, Residential property of your Fairies near the top of the world Forest.

Although not, he was afterwards advised and you will reassured from the his adoptive cousin, Suguha, to be certain Kirito to keep solid rather than to quit for the the fresh like the guy and you can Asuna keeps for every single other

Through to learning the headlines and you will studying Asuna’s dad’s organization works the game, Kirito begins to believe Sugou was for some reason in it, especially immediately after his confrontation in regards to Asuna’s emergency, hinting off him imprisioning their. Regardless of if as the photographs have been blurred they will not perhaps not it is prove in the event that if the pro is actually Asuna. But not, looking frantically so you’re able to reunite and get with Asuna once again as well because the help save her out of having a wedding so you can Sugou, Kirito chooses to grab so it options and dives into ALfheim On the web. Kirito discovers themselves reunited having Yui and suits and you may befriends Leafa, a Slyph member. With her the new trio began its journey to the world Tree that have Kirito seeking to get indeed there till the set up relationships takes place between Asuna and Sugou about real world. Yet not, unknown to Kirito, Asuna while the 300 comatose participants of SAO was indeed are kept attentive because of the Sugou Nobuyuki when he is covertly experimenting with their thoughts except for Asuna.

Even after its were not successful initiatives, their extremely good fascination with one another will continue to inspire her or him so you’re able to in the end become with her once again, not wanting to stop or disheartenment

Asuna attempts to will always be solid and you can wants having Kirito to keep this lady, but is unaware when the the guy lasted shortly after SAO is cleaned. In the course of time, Asuna in the future turned significantly more upbeat and you can certain of Kirito saving the girl up on training off his endurance, feeling great an excellent number of delight and you will recovery. While you are knowing Kirito perform conserve their, Asuna became a great deal more computed in order to get back having him along with closing Sugou regarding experimenting with the newest captured SAO participants. Asuna produced the lady earliest attempt to free by herself and you may emerged close in order to thriving and you can Kirito is almost next to achieving the Most useful around the globe Forest. Yet not, even after how intimate they certainly were to-arrive the requirements, both Asuna and Kirito hit a brick wall within first tries to get back. In the course of time, Kirito in the long run caused it to be to everyone Tree at long past is reunited which have Asuna.

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